The Possible Bar Set to Fuel Cyril Derreumaux’s Ocean Crossing from California to Hawaii

Image of Cyril Derreumaux with his kayak as he prepares for his journey, fueled by Standard Process Possible Bars.

UPDATE: Cyril departed Fort Baker / Horseshoe Cove in California for his journey to Hawaii on May 31. After encountering his recovery line entangled in his rudder on June 6, and extremely dangerous weather conditions that prevented him from untangling the line, he and his team made the difficult decision to evacuate Cyril to safety. 

In May 2021, adventurer and world traveler Cyril Derreumaux will attempt to kayak solo and unsupported from California to Hawaii — a 2,100 nautical mile, world-record endeavor that is expected to take more than 70 days. Though he’ll be the only person in the vessel, he won’t be going alone: Cyril will be bringing plenty of Possible Bars to fuel his extraordinary journey.

At 550 calories each, The Possible Bar is ideal for such a grueling endeavor. The Standard Process nutrition team has also developed a custom supplementation program to prepare Cyril's body and mind for this incredible adventure.

Though Cyril will be testing his own limits, he also aims to bring awareness to ocean and river pollution while inspiring others to follow their dreams.

Want to follow along with Cyril on his journey? Track his progress here!

Who Is Cyril Derreumaux?

Cyril is a native of France with dual citizenship. A world-traveler from a young age, he grew up around water in France, and visited the US at age 18 where he fell in love with the ocean while living in California. He moved permanently at age 32. Cyril began rowing and entering shorter races, graduating to longer and longer adventures. He eventually earned a Guinness World Record as part of a four-man rowing team that rowed from California to Hawaii in under 40 days — a feat he is now attempting to complete solo, this time in an ocean kayak. He is also a new member of the prestigious Explorers Club. Learn more about Cyril at