Powered By Standard Process - The Impossible Row

Colin and a team of five additional rowers wrote their names in history by conquering "The Impossible Row": the first completely human-powered team to cross the Drake Passage, which spans from the southern tip of South America to the edge of Antarctica. The journey took tremendous courage, grit, and teamwork. It was an adventure that included:

  • Six men from four nations and three continents
  • More than 600 miles of ocean water
  • Almost 13 days of straight rowing, 24 hours a day
  • Nature's incredible power: ferocious storms, unrelenting waves, and unforgiving winds
  • Unprecedented physical and mental challenges

It was those challenges that defines "The Impossible Row." However — with help from Standard Process — every setback was met with calm, stamina, and perseverance. We helped sustain the team with custom nutrition bars that included ingredients from a number of our nutritional supplements for supporting athletic performance.  Though the Possible™ Bar contains a different nutritional profile, its purpose is still the same: helping high-achievers reach their most ambitious goals.

Catch the full length Impossible Row documentary on Discovery+