Colin O’Brady Climbing Everest and Lhotse with Nutrition from the Possible™ Bar

Colin O'Brady with Possible Bar on Everest

Since 2018, Colin O’Brady has partnered with Standard Process to prepare his body for tough challenges. They’ve included an unassisted and unaided trek across Antarctica, a completely human-powered row across the Drake Passage, and a winter summit attempt of K2. All of them tested the limits of the body, and all of them powered by Standard Process.

Now, it’s once more unto the breach.

Colin is attempting to climb Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, then climb nearby Lhotse, the fourth highest mountain in the world, back-to-back. Colin has climbed Everest before, but this time he’s climbing both, without the use of supplemental oxygen, and with plenty of Possible Bars in tow.

At 550 calories each and up to six hours of energy per bar, the Possible Bar is ideal fuel for such grueling endeavors. It targets a spectrum of performance factors to put goals — even world records — within reach. Where will it take you?

Want to follow along with Colin on his journey? Track his progress here!

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